Listen up, shoppers! 

We're all about secondhand goods that rock your world at Good Stuff, but we gotta tell you - returns just ain't our thing. Don't sweat it though - if a product is faulty, we'll have your back and make it right under the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act.
Welcome to the magnificent world of secondhand goodies! Now, let's be real - these treasures have already lived their best lives with someone else. So, don't worry about a little scuff here or a tatter there - that's what adds character and makes 'em cool! In the rare case that something you bought just doesn't do what it's supposed to do, give us a shout within seven days of receiving it and we'll try our best to refund, repair, or swap it according to the Consumer Guarantees Act. But we'll always give you the deets and the pics to show what's up.
If you think you've been duped with a counterfeit item, let us know within a week of receiving it and we'll sleuth it out together. We'll need pics and evidence from you and may even have to involve the fuzz, but don't worry -
we'll refund everything you paid, shipping included.